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That Dopamine High
Welcome to glitz, welcome to glamour,
Welcome to stardom, welcome to fame!
Just write your name for all the world to see,
Find out how happy this life can let you be!
Get your toes wet in this forbidden pool,
A high as old as time, a shot of dopamine!
Nobody can judge you now, you are cool,
Sate yourself, your wants, cares, anything!
It's the new rock star life, all tangled in hair,
Flesh to fulfill, feelings to drown in passion!
You can do as you like, breathe the free air,
Say what you want to, be part of the fashion!
A cookie for your choice, morals be d**ed,
Why be judged for living your own life?
That dopamine high one more time man,
So what if this choice causes a bit of strife?
Ten choices on, or was it twelve you made?
Hurt feelings are part of the new rockstar way!
The last one you let in left scars, left you afraid,
That dopamine high isn't quite so strong today...
The fix stops coming, but the habit's still there...
Scars on the heart, on the soul are the cost...
The passion
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Successor States Wallpaper by ArdanBlade Successor States Wallpaper :iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 14 18
Return to Ohtori: 1 The Girl Who Changed The World
A gasp arose from startled students as they glanced after the prodigal daughter. Her heels clicked rhythmically on the pavement. They whispered to each other as she walked by, heading for the dorms on the east side of the school's outlying city.
Pink hair flashed in the warm morning sun as it brushed over the dark blue boy's jacket she wore. Her bag bounced rhythmically against her back as she strode towards an old abandoned dorm building with the confidence of someone who had walked the path countless times.
She wasn't all that different from when she left, but then again, she wasn't the same either. Two years could do that to you, especially to a teen girl. She was a few inches taller now, and a little more mature in body and mind. Yet for all of the changes she had endured during her absence, the defiant glint in her blue eyes and the grace of a born athlete had not abandoned her. Perhaps she wasn't the same girl she had been, then again, per
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Return to Ohtori Prologue
Once upon a time, there was a girl, who was sad and lonely. Her parents had died, leaving the little girl alone in the world. Unable to cope with this harsh reality, the little girl hid in a coffin beside her parents' coffins, and cried as she waited to join them in eternity.
Along came a traveling Prince who showed the girl something that changed her heart. He left her a ring marked with the crest of a rose. It that led her to a beautiful school standing by the sea. She met many people there, and made a friend.
Then one day, her world came crashing down, and ended. She was wounded by the person she loved most, and unable to remain in that cruel place, she fled. Alone again, she tried to figure out what she had done wrong. She searched and searched, her feet carrying her to nothing but emptiness, her heart torn for an answer. She looked and looked, desperate for an answer to the question still lingering within her heart. What is eternal?
When you look long and hard for somethi
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...My Name Forevermore by ArdanBlade ...My Name Forevermore :iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 4 6 Type 74 Hover Truck by ArdanBlade Type 74 Hover Truck :iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 2 20
Metal Gear Resurrection - SP - Prologue
Metal Gear Resurrection
Silent Patriot
Prologue: What Came Before
February 6, 2009
Location Unknown

    Indistinct forms shifted and loomed in the glowing recesses of a battery of large glass cylinders, their bodies squirming against the fluorescent blue fluid that entrapped them. From outside their tiny world, a lone man watched. Glasses perched on the end of his slightly crooked nose reflected the glow, hiding intelligent eyes behind the soft reflection.
    "Soon, my beloved children, very soon." He whispered to no one in particular, his voice echoing in the vast darkness. "Not even the Patriots will be able to stop us."
    The soft click of a woman's shoes against the concrete floor pulled the old man from his reverie. He looked away from  his creation, eyes fixing upon the newcomer. She came to a halt a few paces away and began flipping through the stack of papers held on her clipboard.
    "Sorry to interrupt you, doctor, but I thought you'd want to know that the new
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Star's End CCG - Aertania Homeworld Card by ArdanBlade Star's End CCG - Aertania Homeworld Card :iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 2 22
MLP - The Pony Variety Show! - Episode 9
The Pony Variety Show!
The crowd jostles and presses as they approach the big theatre doors, struggling to get into the already choked entryway. Sitting atop the awning that leads into the building, Discord leans back, chuckling uproariously as he watches. He is holding a giant popcorn kernel, pulling paper bags out of it and eating them.
"Mahahahahaha! Wonderful! There's nothing like watching people get all worked up just to watch a show! Ooh, look at that! What do you get when two bronies get rough with Cherry Jubilee? Two kicks in the cobbler! Hehehahahaha!"
You manage to squeeze through the press of ponies and bronies, infiltrating the building after a fierce struggle against some lumbering mass of muscle that insisted today was the day he'd get to hug Fluttershy. Passing by the currently unoccupied election and suggestion booths, you get to a massive jumble of people that stand between you and the snack cart.
Delightfully delectable aromas stream sumptuously from the steami
:iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 12 121
MLP - The Pony Variety Show! - Episode 8 Part 3
The Pony Variety Show!
There seems to be some kind of commotion going on backstage. Stage hands are rushing out behind the curtains, collecting things and cleaning up the area. For a moment, you consider getting up and using the restroom, or retrieving some more snacks, when movement on the stage catches your eye.
Bluenose and Yellowbelly, the prankster changelings, creep out onto the stage, pushing a speaker. With one ceremonious gesture, Bluenose plops a speaker wire into the input, causing the audio system to come to life.
"-is a disaster!" You hear Twilight, who is clearly freaking out, say. "The show is running overtime, the Muppet Labs sketch is a mess, I don't know where Spike has gotten off to, and the holoprojectors are on the fritz! Can this day get any worse!?"
"Calm down there, Sugarcube." Applejack says, trying to ease the stress that has taken hold of Twilight. "We'll jus' skip the segment, an' let the audience see what them pranksters 'ave dug up."
"No! I'm not ev
:iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 9 182
MLP - The Pony Variety Show! - Episode 8 Part 2
The Pony Variety Show!
As you re-enter the theatre, you see that the entire room has been redone! The orchestra has been replaced by a battery of lights and a sound team, the stage has gone from hardwoods and red curtains to polished laminate floors and lighting gantries. The holoprojectors are active too, shifting through a dozen different scenes as they prepare for projection.
Nervous candidates peer out onto the stage as they await their turns for the Pony Variety Show! Singoff competition. The crowd whispers eagerly, awaiting the opening acts for what promises to be an interesting round of music.
"Fillies and gentlecolts, bronies of all ages! Welcome to the very first Pony Variety Show! Singoff!" Spike announces as he waddles onto the stage, dressed in a dapper tuxedo and hat, with a fine mustache gracing his upper lip. "From all around the brony community, your OCs will come onstage to show their stuff and compete for your votes! Now let's get this show started!"
Applause f
:iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 15 21
MLP - The Pony Variety Show! - Episode 8 Part 1
The Pony Variety Show!
The excitement of the fans is almost palpable as you wait in line to enter the theatre for the big show, the competition, and the election debate! The audience has swelled to the point that Royal Guards are forced to corral the unruly crowd in, keeping them from flooding into the streets or parking lot. Looking back, you can see ponies and bronies going all the way around the corner, disappearing off behind the side of the theatre.
The line moves so slowly you feel your sanity creeping out your ears. With each step, you're forced to endure comic book debates, celebrity gossip, everypony's favorite anime, and countless other inane topics that fill the air with a dull roar. Step by agonizing step, you approach the doors, filled with excited fans, the smell of Applejack and Pinkie Pie's signature treats, and the promise of the Pony Variety Show! Election Debate, the Singoff, and all the fun, wild antics that accompany the show!
Finally, after the eternity tha
:iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 10 6
MLP - PVS! Showtime Bits - Intrusion 1
Showtime Bits
You find yourself in the quiet lot behind the theatre where the Pony Variety Show! plays every sunday, following an anonymous tip. It seems that somepony sent you a message telling you to be here today, and apparently you're not the only one. Half a dozen others have shown up as well, whispering curiously about the nature of your secretive invitation.
You walk across the lot, trying to look inconspicuous as you pass by the Tardis, Doc's DeLorean, the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, a jet powered unicycle, and other assorted modes of transportation. The quiet hubbub of your conversation ebbs into silence as you arrive at the back door of the theatre.
For long moments, you're all left there feeling slightly silly. There should be something happening, yet nothing has occurred yet. Then, with a long, low creak, the door opens, revealing a yellow eyed changeling with a similarly colored patch of chitin along his stomach. It's Yellowbelly, one of the pranksters from the
:iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 10 23
MLP - PVS! Showtime Bits - Cover Art by ArdanBlade MLP - PVS! Showtime Bits - Cover Art :iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 28 19 MLP - Flying With The Wonderbolts by ArdanBlade MLP - Flying With The Wonderbolts :iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 46 18
MLP - The Pony Variety Show! - Episode 7
The Pony Variety Show!
The theatre is bustling once again, but something seems different about it today. As you pass into the foyer you see the gleam of new panelling, smooth, dull silver, like the entire theatre has had a makeover. Gone are the old fashioned wooden moldings, replaced by sleek, futuristic metals, while soft, cream colored carpets now cover the floor where ratty old red ones used to be.
Pinkie Pie and Applejack sit at the concession stand, eagerly grinning at the sight of all of you, immediately springing into action as hungry ponies and bronies rush up to place orders.
"Two chimicherrychangas please!"
"I want an apple pie!"
"Ooh, can I have a Lyracicle!?"
"Give me one of everything!"
"Now hold yer horses, y'all!" Applejack hollers, trying to get the mob under control. "We'll fill yer orders, quick as we can. Jus' get lined up proper, an' we'll get to ya as quick as a whip!"
"Who had the two chimmycherrychangas!?" Pinkie yells, immediately sending the crowd plung
:iconardanblade:ArdanBlade 13 16

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Some of the brilliant art I've found here and there! Hope you like it and share these awesome artists' work with your friends!




Just recently, I discovered this simple little movie from an all but unknown studio. To my surprise, the film has a lot of charm and character, despite lacking the clout and production values of bigger art studios like Pixar and Dreamworks. I've watched the film five times since finding it last weekend, and enjoyed it more with each passing viewing.

Admittedly a few parts of this film fell short, but considering how little effort the studio put into advertising it (at least in the US), I'm not really surprised. The movie came out to almost no fanfare last year, and disappeared just as quietly out of theaters. 

If you're a fan of digital animations, stories about knights and great deeds, or just a lover of simple, clean entertainment, I would recommend this movie in a heartbeat. Please come and help me spread the word about this woefully underrated movie.
  • Listening to: Skies of Arcadia
  • Reading: Rogue Crew
  • Watching: Justin and the Knights of Valour (Fifth time)
  • Playing: Custom Role-Playing System


Anthony Daniel D.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My name is Anthony.
I am a child of God.
I am a Warrior.
I am a poet.
I am a storyteller.
I am a man.
I am a US Marine.
I am a cook.
I am a brother.
I am a son.
I am a predator.
I am courageous.
I am proud.
I am brash.
I am polite.
I am lonely.
I am one who loves.
I am kindly intolerant.
I am willing.
I am kind.
I am thoughtful.
I am intelligent.
I am passionate.
I am loyal.
I love my family.
I love my close friends.
I love good food.
I love interesting music.
I love art.
I love others as myself.
I love those who inspire me.
I love a challenge.
I love to fight.
I love swords.
I hate dishonesty.
I hate disloyalty.
I hate rejection.
I hate those who bring others down needlessly.
I hate those who harm others needlessly.
I hate careless ignorance.
I hate to be lonely.
I hate yaoi.
I hate yuri.
I hate yiff.

I am many things, love many things, hate many things. Remember what defines you, and announce it without fear. Build up all that you love, become more than you are. Crush your fears, defeat that which you hate. Become strong and wise. Never forget who you are, and treasure those who are important to you.


Current Residence: Milwaukie, Oregon
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Christian, Gothic, Orchestra, Metal, Country, Punk.
Favourite style of art: Digital, traditional, anime, classical.
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Wallpaper of choice: Won't You Come to Redwall... 2
Skin of choice: Star Trek
Favourite cartoon character: Kenshin, Peter Pan, Prince Zuko, Aino Minako, Piccolo, Utena Tenjou
Personal Quote: Always!


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